History Channel with Mike Horstman

The review from History Channel :
” S 1 E 7
In the Crosshairs
Hunter Marty Loring has wounded a bear that has disappeared from sight. He and his guide Eric Fischer must track it down, but in the adrenaline-induced search, Marty loses Eric, and disappears into the dense Kodiak brush without the safety of his guide. Legendary bear guide Scott Mileur and his hunting partner Greg Accord lead a hunt with two crop dusters from Arkansas. It’s the last hunt of the season for veteran guide Mike Horstman; Alaskan resident hunter Darrell Weatherall joins him. During their hunt Mike spots one of the biggest bears he’s ever seen on the island, and christens him “Big Papa.” At Flickenger Ranch, rancher Chris Flickenger and his wife Shelly are still plagued by the bear that killed one of their horses earlier in the season. When Chris and Shelly do a count of their cattle, they notice a significant loss that forces Chris to go out on a solo hunt for the beast, in a last ditch effort to save his ranch.”

michael horstman