Dall sheep hunts in Alaska

Dall sheep hunts in Alaska organised by the partners of Kodiak Guide Service

Dates: August 10-19, 2019 and August 21-30, 2019
Price for Dall sheep hunt is $20,000

Unlike many other backpack Sheep hunts, Kodiak Guide Service’s partners access the mountains in a company owned light aircraft on tundra tires, which means when you start your hunt, you’re already in Sheep country! Even so, you’re sure to earn your trophy on this rugged 1X1, 10 day backpack hunt. We have years of experience hunting and flying this area, so if you come in good shape, you won’t go home disappointed! 
The Brooks Range is one of few remaining over-the-counter Sheep tags available to Non- Resident hunters in Alaska, which means you don’t have to wait until you win the draw to come on this Sheep hunt!!
Kodiak Guide Service’s partners hunt the Southern Slopes of the Brooks Range, where Grizzlies are common, and can be harvested as a secondary animal incidentally during a hunt, or targeted after a hunter is successful. A trophy fee will be charged for Grizzly Bears only if one is harvested in addition to a Sheep. 

Get in touch with Mike Horstman if you are interested in a Dall sheep hunt in Alaska: