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Bear hunt in Alaska on Kodiak Island with a Master Guide and one of the “Mountain Men” Mike Horstman.

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Big game on Kodiak and primarily Alaska bear hunt on Kodiak with a Master guide and a "Mountain Man" Mike Horstman

Big game on Kodiak and primarily Alaska bear hunt on Kodiak with a Master guide and a "Mountain Man" Mike Horstman

Kodiak Guide Service invites you to an Alaska brown bear hunt on Kodiak.

Alaska Brown bear hunts, Mountain goat hunt, Sitka blacktail deer hunt, though Kodiak bear being a main target, offers you Kodiak Guide Service with a Master Guide Mike Horstman in charge. Join Mike Horstman for the number one hunting experience in Alaska. Kodiak Guide Service invites you to come experience the thrill of a brown bear hunt in Alaska. We are based in Kodiak offering spring brown bear hunting and fall brown bear hunting. We have knowledge of the Kodiak brown bear movement both spring and fall brown bear, hunting on this island (Unit 8 of Kodiak Island). Sheraton Bay, South Ugak Bay, Kishuyak Bay make up Unit 8. Michael Horstman will help you with information needed to hunt brown bear on Kodiak.

Kodiak is the emerald isle of the southwestern coast of Alaska’s mainland is home to an estimated 3,000 the legendary Kodiak brown bears. While Kodiak brown bear hunting this area of spectacular scenic beauty you will see that it is thriving with other big game hunting. Big game will include  bear hunt in Alaska on Kodiak, mountain goats hunting, blacktail deer hunting, caribou hunts, moose hunts and Dall sheep hunts.

A bear guide Mike Horstman from Kodiak Guide Service is a Master Guide featured in the shows “Mountain Men” and “The Hunt”

Master Guide Michael Horstman has been a Kodiak outfitter guiding hunts on Isle of Alaska  for over 40 years.  Brown bear hunting in Alaska on Kodiak is passion and Alaska guide Mike Horstman has been pursuing Kodiak brown bears since the early 1980’s when Mike Horstman first came to Alaska. Though Kodiak bear has been his main target, Mike Horstman also provides unforgettable Alaska hunts for other big-game species.

Kodiak Guide Service brown bear hunts are an outstanding hunting experience. Master Guide Mike Horstman sets the standard for effort and experience to help you harvest the trophy brown bear. Mike Horstman is registered in Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting Area 01: Kizhuyak Bay, Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting Area 03: South Ugak and Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting Area 27: Sharatin Bay
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