Alaska Grizzly bear hunts in Spring

Kodiak Guide Service hunts organised with the partners

Dates in Spring: 
May 1-10,2019 
and May 11-20, 2019 and May 22-31, 2019
Price for the Grizzly bear spring hunt : $13,500!

Dates in Spring: 
May 1-10,2020 
and May 11-20, 2020 and May 22-31, 2020
Price for the Grizzly bear spring hunt : $13,500!

May marks the beginning of mating season for Bears, and this is an excellent time of year to hunt Grizzlies. Boars will be out cruising for sows and can be found walking river bottoms or ridge lines at any time during the day or night. 24 hour daylight this time of year guarantees a unique hunting experience!!!
This hunt is in the Brooks Range, well north of the Arctic Circle, where the harsh winter climate makes these bears well known for their superior hide quality. An Arctic Grizzly harvested in the Spring season has thick, long fur that is incomparable with bears in any other climate. 
Camps are flown in using our company owned light aircraft on tundra tires or skis, and are located on high ridges or in locations with good vantage points, and hunting styles include backpacking, and stationary spot and stalk. 
Success rate on this hunt is 80% with sizes ranging from 6.5-8.5 ft square.