Alaska moose hunts

Moose hunts in Alaska organised with the partners of Kodiak Guide Service

DatesSeptember 5-14, 2019 and September16-25, 2019  
Price for the Alaskan Moos hunt $19,500

DatesSeptember 5-14, 2020 and September16-25, 2020  
Price for the Alaskan Moos hunt $21,500

DatesSeptember 5-14, 2021 and September16-25, 2021  
Price for the Alaskan Moos hunt $23,500

Our success rate is 90%, with an average antler spread of 60 inches, and Bulls have been taken with antlers up to 70 inches in width!!

Bull Moose reach full rut during this hunt, and calling is very effective during both hunt dates. Archery hunters are welcome!!
This hunt is conducted on the Southern Slopes of the Brooks Range, well North of the Arctic Circle, where the Bulls grown tall, massive palms long before they reach 60” of width, making for classic antlers well known for their powerful fronts and palmated brow tines. 
This is an excellent opportunity for a multi-species event as hunters frequently have opportunities for Grizzlies, Caribou, or Wolves during the course of their 10 day hunt. Hunters will pay a trophy fee on secondary animals only if they are harvested in addition to their Moose. 
Hunting styles are spot and stalk, float hunts, and stationary calling. Accommodations consist of high quality 8’ X 8’ Arctic Ovens and Bomb Shelters with cots. Company owned light aircraft equipped with floats and tundra tires allow access to the best hunting areas and provide personalized support during the hunt. 

Contact a Master Guide Mike Horstman from Kodiak Guide Service if you are interested in a moose hunt in Alaska: