Mike Horstman on History Channel

S 1 E 6
Death Charge
Husband and wife hunters Hal and Michelle Barber face off against a charging Kodiak bear. They win the battle against the raging beast, but their fight to survive isn’t over. Hungry, dehydrated and slowed down by the effects of Hal’s diabetes, The Barbers struggle to make their long journey back to their cabin. Ex-NFL pro turned bear guide Eric Fischer is a no holds barred hunter who believes in pushing himself and his hunters to their limits. His hunter, Marty Loring is a deer guide from Canada who experiences the most intense hunt of his life navigating the grueling Kodiak terrain. Veteran bear guide Mike Horstman is on his second hunt of the season. His hunter, Mike Redes, is living his dream on this bucket-list hunt. He has total faith in his guide, and it comes in handy when he loses sight of a potentially wounded bear and is forced to rely solely on Horstman’s keen eye.

michael horstman