Sitka Black-tailed deer hunt

Sitka black-tailed deer hunt with a Master Guide Mike Horstman

Guided Sitka Black-tailed deer hunt with a 100% success

Sitka Black-tailed deer from the Kodiak Islands is a wonderful animal to pursue. Sitka Blacktail Deer hunting on Kodiak Island is one of the best hunts Alaska has to offer. Sitka Black-tailed deer can weigh in at over 200lbs. The joy of deer hunting in Kodiak Island comes knowing that big buck is looking at you. The areas that Mike Horstman Sitka Black-tailed deer hunts have been producing excellent Sitka Black-tailed deer bucks and the trend is expected to continue.

Sitka Blacktailed deer hunting season:

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Sitka black-tailed deer hunt overview

Sitka Blacktailed deer season Kodiak runs from August through the end of December. Kodiak Guide Service recommends hosting deer hunters in September through the end of December, though the season starts in August. Earlier in the season the Sitka blacktailed deer will be higher and still covered in fat. From September till middle of November Sitka Black-tailed deer is in the mountains. Access is an important factor when hunting Sitka Black-tailed deer anywhere in Alaska. Hunting Sitka blackmailed deer this time of the year can be physically demanding, but your chances of harvest are very high. Heavy snow from the middle of November will put the Sitka blacktailed deer right on the beach. This time of year can support low level hunting. By late November into December Sitka blacktailed deer, especially bucks, will be leaner after the rut, and by mid to late December, begin to drop their antlers.

Sitka Black-tailed deer tags can typically be picked up anyplace you can purchase your hunting license.

Michael Horstman has over 40 years of professional experience as Alaskan hunting guide and his track records proof it.

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Guided Sitka Black-tailed deer hunt: 2 bucks during 5 days of hunting. The current price for Sitka Black-tailed deer hunt : $5500.00