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Kodiak Bear Hunting
Hunt The Legend

Outfitter, Kodiak Guide Service invites you to come experience the thrill, challenge and adventure of an Alaskan kodiak bear hunt. Our guided kodiak brown bear hunting is based primarily from Kodiak, Alaska. This emerald isle off the southwestern coast of Alaska's mainland is home to an estimated 3,000 the legendary Kodiak brown bears. This area of spectacular scenic beauty is thriving with other big game hunting which include mountain goats hunting, blacktail deer hunting and sea ducks hunts.

Master Guide Michael Horstman has been a Kodiak outfitter guiding hunts on this challenging Isle of Alaska and in Idaho for over 30 years. Kodiak Brown bear hunting is passion and he has been pursuing these magnificent creatures since the early 1980’s when he first came to Alaska.

If you checkout Mike Horstman on "The Hunt" on the History Channel. You will be able to see why they call on Mike for his expertise in Kodiak bear hunting. Experience sure does matter when you are in the wilderness of Kodiak Island.There are various clips on Mike on Kodiak. The series is over but the proof is there who they turn to. Click below to watch clips of "The Hunt" on History Channel.

alaskan guide for kodiak bear hunts in alaska mike horstman


Cabin Rentals Available for Blacktail Deer Hunt
Mild Winter Expecting High Number of Deer Guided or Unguided hunts Available
Visit Blacktail Deer Hunt Page or call for particulars: 907-942-7738
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New Episodes
Sundays at 10/9c

Kodiak Guide Service success rate is 85% and you can count on 100% effort. Kodiak brown bears harvested typically average between 8.5 and 9.5 feet, with some hitting the magic 10 ft. mark. Michael has taken record book kodiak bears in the last two decades. Spring and fall kodiak brown bear hunting is available by draw. Contact him today at and be prepared to pursue the monarch of the brown bears, the kodiak! It’s the adventure of a lifetime.