My trip to Germany. Part 1

My friend prepared some presents for me.

It is just a perfect outfit for the next gun show. This time I am just looking around at “Pferd & Jagd” show in Hannover. Next time I am going to Salzburg, Austria. It is called “Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei”. So, we can see us there, just send me an E-mail on in order to scale the appointment. And now, it is a high time for me to go hunting. I want to get a wild boar tonight.


My client and friend Marc about me :

My recommendation of Michael Horstman comes from experiencing 3 hunts of a lifetime with him. Start with Kodiak brown bear.

Just check his track record on harvesting a big one. You’ll see Mike’s name o the wall of Fish and Game as many times as anyone for taking record class bear. Mike knows how to get the job done even when it takes a lot of effort. After my first successful bear hunt, I had no doubt I would go with Mike a second time.

My daughter and I put in for mountain goat tags and she connected. Mike took us up the hill and found her a trophy and she got it. The third hunt was for musk ox on Nunivak Island. Mike knew how to find the animals and made sure my daughter got a trophy bull. More hunts with Mike are in our future and I would recommend him for any level of hunter.

–Marc S.
Adrian, Michigan


Gary R. from Minoqua, Wisconsin

Mike is first and foremost a hunter; he’s not into dazzling you with fancy meals and cushy surroundings. He’s all about getting you your trophy and creating many lasting memories of the hunt.

Mike is extremely knowledgeable about the areas he hunts as well as the species you’re after. He’ll go the extra mile no matter the conditions and never complain. Mike could survive in the wild with very few provisions, he’s the ultimate woodsman. I’ve felt so safe with him on my hunts; I’ve brought my wife on several occasions.

Most importantly Mike is very honest, he doesn’t sugar coat or exaggerate, and you can trust him 100%.

I recommend Horstman’s Kodiak Guide Service to anyone looking for an incredible hunt.

–Gary R.
Minoqua, Wisconsin


Rob White posted this to my old website:

Michael Horstman is the real deal when it comes to providing your best chance at getting a quality brown bear. Michael has the contacts, experience & knowledge to get the job done safely & as efficiently as possible. He will work as hard as any guide I have ever been with to maximize the hunt results.

–Rob White


My client Bill says about me :

I’ve spent much time in many camps around the world. But I chose Michael Horstman for my dream hunt – brown bear, and it was truly one of my best hunts ever. Mike runs a great operation and is very knowledgeable, experienced and professional. He is also very personable and funny. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Mike, took a great bear and made a life long friend.

Regards, Bill
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